Detroit Tests of Learning Aptitude? (DTLA4)


The DTLA-4 is one of the oldest and most respected tests that evaluate specific mental abilities of individuals ages 6 to 17. he assessment includes 10 subtests and the results of the subtests can be combined to form 16 composites that measure both general intelligence and discrete ability areas. The subtests are easily interpreted according to current leading intelligence theories, such as Horn and Cattell’s fluid and crystallized intelligence, Jensen’s associative and cognitive levels, Das’ simultaneous and successive processes, and Wechsler’s verbal and performance scales, or according to behavioral DTLA-4 theories. The DTLA-4 is the test of choice for professionals interested in a thorough investigation of an individual’s specific cognitive functions. The DTLA-4 measures basic abilities, and shows the effects of language attention, and motor abilities on test performance.

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