Frontal Systems Behavior Scale – (FrSBe)


The FrSBe provides a brief, reliable, and valid measure of three frontal systems behavioral syndromes: apathy, disinhibition, and executive dysfunction. These behavioral syndromes are related to frontal systems damage, characteristic of patients suffering from dementia, frontal lesions, strokes, head injuries, Alzheimer?s disease, Huntington?s disease, and Parkinson?s disease. It takes only 10 minutes to administer, and is suitable for use with patients between the ages of 18 to 95. The FrSBe quantifies behavioral changes over time by including both baseline (retrospective) and current assessments of behavior, allowing to compare behaviors pre- and post-injury/illness. It includes a total score as well as scores on three subscales that correspond to the three frontal systems behavioral syndromes. With the FrSBe, you can identify and quantify disordered natural behavior so that problems may be targeted for treatment. The FrSBe Introductory Kit includes: 1 FrSBe Professional Manual; 25 Self-Rating and 25 Family Rating Hand-Scorable Test Booklets, 25 Self-Rating Profile and 25 Family Rating Profile Forms.

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