Leiter International Performance Scale, Third Edition (Leiter-3)


` The Leiter-3, which replaces the widely used Leiter-R, is a quick and easy to administer test of nonverbal intelligence and cognitive abilities, updated and redesigned to cover an expanded age range (3 to 75+) and to address specific disabilities. The Leiter-3 is completely nonverbal, therefore especially suitable for individuals with cognitive delays, speech or hearing problems, motor impairments, ADHD, or traumatic brain injury, as well as those who don?t speak English. It also allows more accurate assessment of individuals on the autism spectrum.
The Leiter-3 includes the best of the Leiter-R subtests, as well as several new measures. The number of subtests has been reduced from 20 to 10. The cognitive scales (measuring ‘Fluid Intelligence’) include: Sequential Order, Form Completion, Classification and Analogies, Figure?Ground, and Matching/Repeated Patterns (optional subtest). The Attention and Memory Scales include: Forward Memory, Reverse Memory, Attention Sustained, Attention Divided, and Nonverbal Stroop. The Leiter 3 kit includes: 1 Leiter-3 Manual; 20 Record Forms; all Manipulatives (Frame, Blocks, Foam Pieces, Stimulus Cards, and Attention Divided Bowls); 1 Easel Book; 1 Stimulus Book; Scoring Keys; Administration Gestures Laminate; a timer; and a purple marker.

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