The Symbol Digit Modalities Test (SDMT) is a brief, inexpensive and easy to administer test designed to detect cognitive impairment in less than 5 minutes. The test screens for organic cerebral dysfunction in both children (8 years and older) and adults, and has demonstrated sensitivity in detecting not only the presence of brain damage, but also changes in cognitive functioning over time and in response to treatment. Using a reference key, the examinee has 90 seconds to pair specific numbers with given geometric figures. Responses can be written or oral, and therefore can be used with individuals with motor disabilities or speech disorders. The written form of the test is suitable for group administration as well. Because the test involves only geometric figures and numbers, the SDMT is relatively culture-free and can be administered to people who do not speak English.
Different studies have shown the test effective in a wide range of clinical applications, including: differentiation of brain-damaged from psychotic patients, early detection of senile dementia and Huntington?s disease, differential diagnosis of children with learning disorders, assessment of recovery from closed-head injury and more. The SDMT Kit includes: 25 Test Self-Scoring Forms; 1 Manual.

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