Behavioral Assess of Dysexecutive Synd (BADS)


A test for the identification of deficits in the domains of planning, organization, problem solving and attention, which may involve impulsivity, distractibility, problems in retrieval and in the implementation of environmental feedback, as well as unreasonable behavior in social situations. The Subtests were designed to reflect the expression of these problems in daily life, as well as the patient’s capability to think and behave flexibly, according to changing environmental demands.
The test is composed of 2 parts: A) performance tests in the domains of: assessment of the duration of events, the ability to change an established pattern of response according to a change in demands, practical problem solving, strategy formation, action planning, task scheduling and performance monitoring. B) A questionnaire that identifies changes derived from damaged cognitive functioning, which manifests in emotional or personality changes, motivational changes, behavioral changes and cognitive changes. The questionnaire is composed of two forms, one for the subject and one for a family member or therapist.
The kit includes: stimulus cards, manual, 5 stimulus books, three-dimensional plastic materials, timer, 50 questionnaires and 25 scoring sheets.

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