The Movement ABC-2 Identifies, describes, and guides treatment of motor impairment in children between the ages of 3 to 16. The kit includes the full assessment battery for children ages 3-16 and a checklist for those aged 5?12. The full assessment contains 8 tasks for each of 3 age ranges: 3 ? 6 years; 7 ? 10 years and 11 ? 16 years, covering the areas of Manual Dexterity, Ball Skills, and Static and Dynamic Balance. The Checklist provides a means for assessing movement in everyday situations in which the child participates. It can be used to assess groups of children in classroom situations, to obtain parents’ or teachers’ views on a child’s movement in everyday settings, or to measure the extent to which a child’s attitudes and feelings about motor tasks are situation-specific or more generalized. The Movement ABC-2 Complete Kit includes: 1 Examiner’s Manual, 1 Intervention Manual, 25 each of Age Band 1, 2 and 3 Record Forms, 50 Checklists with Instructions and Manipulatives.

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