Preschool Language Assessment Inventory , 2nd Edition (PLAI -2)


The Preschool Language Assessment Instrument ? Second Edition (PLAI-2) assesses children’s abilities to meet the demand of classroom discourse. The PLAI-2 tells you how effectively a child integrates cognitive, linguistic and pragmatic components to deal with the full range of adult-child exchange.
The test combines a norm-referenced (formal) assessment with a non-standardized (informal) assessment. The norm-referenced assessment includes six subtests assessing levels of abstraction and modes of response. The non-standardized assessment includes two pragmatic measures assessing the adequacy of the response and interfering behaviors (under-responsive and over-responsive behaviors).
The test allows a comparison of a child’s receptive and expressive discourse skills across four levels of abstraction, and can be used to assess discourse ability in children who have minimal or no expressive language. It can serve as a guide for structuring teaching or therapy to match preschoolers’ levels of functioning, as well as an evaluation of the effectiveness of intervention efforts. The new version of the test includes full-color illustrations, re-evaluated reliable and valid subtests and items, and easy-to-use scales. The complete PLAI-2 kit includes: 1 examiner’s manual, 1 picture book, 50 Profile/Examiner Record Booklet for 3 year olds (25) and for 4/5 year olds (25), all in a sturdy storage box.

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