The TOWER OF LONDON 2nd Edition measures higher order problem-solving ability from the age of 7 to 80. The information it provides is useful for assessing frontal lobe damage, for evaluating attention disorders and executive functioning difficulties, and for planning therapeutic interventions. The different dimensions of the measure are evaluated according to general population age-related norms, as well as age-related norms from the population of people suffering from ADHD.
The new edition includes a Stimulus-Bound score that is particularly useful when assessing older adults. This score can suggest significant cognitive impairment consistent with dementia or seriously compromised frontally mediated executive control. The measure offers normative data and different research findings relevant for these ages as well. The measure’s scales include: Task Analysis, Cognitive Computations, Working Memory, Allocation and Maintenance of Attention, Inhibition and Impulsivity, Cognitive Flexibility and Stimulus-Bound.
The TOWER OF LONDON 2nd Edition is an easily transportable test with minimal set-up time. Scoring can be completed within 5 to 10 minutes. The complete kit includes: 1 Examiner?s Manual, 2 tower-structure boards, 2 sets of beads, and Record Forms (separate forms for child and adult).

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