Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals ?Fourth Edition (CELF IV)


The Clinical Evaluation of Language Fundamentals- Fourth Edition (CELF – 4) allows to quickly and accurately identify and diagnose language disorders, in individuals from the age of 5 through 21. The test includes new subtests and scores which help understand a child?s need for language modifications, enhancements, or curriculum modifications in class. Administration is flexible permitting to use either all or a selection of the existing subtest, and takes between 30-60 minutes.
The CELF-4 is based on a four-level process model: identifying the student’s problems, determining his strengths and weaknesses, deciding what clinical skill deficits underlie the disorder, and exploring how the student?s classroom language performance and social interactions are affected. Composite scores include Core Language, Receptive Language, Expressive Language, Language Structure, Language Content, Language Memory, and Working Memory Indexes as Standard Scores. New subtests include Expressive Vocabulary, Word Definitions, Number Repetition 1 and 2, Phonological Awareness, Pragmatics Profile, and the Observational Rating Scale. The CELF-4 complete kit includes: Manual, 2 Stimuli Notebooks, 10 Level-A Record Forms, 10 Level-B Record forms, 50 observation forms.

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